Atlas Last Chance Qualifier!
Organized by Atlas Championship Series
Standard format

Welcome to the Atlas Annual Championships Last Chance Qualifier! This will be players' last opportunity to qualify for Day 2 of the Annual Championships taking place the following day which will have a prize pool of $500 in store credit to buy codes, singles, booster boxes, and much more with affordable shipping options for any country in the world! Please join our discord to participate!

Entry to the event will be free. Matches will be best of 1 with a 35 minute timer and a 5 minute check in period for each round. Closed/Hidden Decklists Sword & Shield to Brilliant Stars

Everyone in the event (unless you drop out) will play 10 rounds, and will receive Atlas points towards their invite to day 2 based on the number of wins they earn: 10 Wins - 100 AP 9 Wins - 100 AP 8 Wins - 80 AP 7 Wins - 50 AP 6 Wins - 40 AP 5 Wins - 30 AP 4 Wins - 20 AP 3 Wins - 15 AP 2 Wins - 10 AP 1 Win - 5 AP

To those who are unware, 100 Atlas points will earn you an invitation to Day 2 of the Championships, even if you have never earned Atlas points or even played in any of our previous events. That being said if you have already accumulated points in our events, you will have a much easier time closing up your invite, by only needing to win a few games. The current Atlas point leaderboards going into the event can be found here:

There will also be an additional $100 store credit prize to the player that finishes 1st seed after 10 rounds and they will be auto invited to Day 2 even if if have not earned 9 wins as the Atlas Last Chance Qualifier Champion!

You can contact me through: Draydon Cyrus Davis on Facebook or @DraydonDavis on Twitter

Tournament Structure

10 Swiss Rounds - BO1
35 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0