FREE Gym Leader Challenge!
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Organized by The Dice Town League
Gym Leader Challenge format

FREE tournament!

Prize structure as follows;

1st - 20 fusion strike codes

2nd - 15 fusion strike codes

3rd - 10 fusion strike codes

4th-8th - 1 fusion strike code

There will be no top cut, this is a one day event.

Prizes are distributed by the build in prize distribution tool here on limitless. Please allow a while for them to be sent out. If you get a code that does not work please send Amy a message with PROOF that the code is invalid

Rules; Please check the official website for format details!

  • Your deck can only contain one type of Pokémon.
  • Only one of each card with the same name allowed in a deck, except for Basic Energy.
  • Cards with a Rule Box are not allowed.
  • ACE SPEC cards are not allowed.
  • Legal Cards: Black & White – onwards
  • 60 card decks are built & 6 Prize games are played with the most current Pokemon TCG rules.

BANNED: Oranguru (Sun & Moon–Ultra Prism, 114/156) BANNED: Lysandre’s Trump Card (XY–Phantom Forces, 99/119 and 118/119)


  • If you suspect your opponent may be slow playing immediately call a judge and have screenshots ready to provide evidence, this does not necessarily mean any action will be taken but will assist in our investigation

  • You must check in to the tournament. You must also check in to each rounds or you get a game loss.

  • You MUST have match timers on.

  • If you get disconnected, you will get a game loss unless still within the check in Timer.

  • We go based on what works within PTCGO so bugs in game will be considered "legal" because we physically cannot spectate every game.

Registration closes at 64 entries! we then have a waitlist so if you are registered and do not check in then your spot will go to somebody in the waitlist to keep players at 64

Tournaments will be minimum 5 rounds if we have more than 32 players checked in and playing in round 3 then a 6th round will be added to get a dedicated winner

If you have any questions please contact the Judge Team

Matthew Blenkinship

Amy Wosley

Jonathan Herrick


Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
35 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1