Blackroc Gaming Pokemon VGC 50 Dollar Cash Event#3
Organized by Blackroc Gaming

ALL PLAYERS MUST BE A BLACKROC GAMING MEMBER Here is the link to sign up on Blackroc Gaming:

It is also recommended joining the discord server for latest updates on the event.

PRIZING BREAKDOWN 1st - $25 2nd - $15 Top 4 - $5

ALL FIELDS required by Limitless must be filled completely and accurately. if you don't do it you will NOT be paired.. TO CONTACT STAFF DURING the tournament use the call a judge button in the middle of your pairing screen. To contact them AFTER or BEFORE the tournament @staff on Discord.


We will be following official Pokemon rules for this event:

We are using Series 10 for this event.

Each player selects four Pokémon from their Battle Team to battle with. At the start of the battle, players send out the first two Pokémon in their party, making a total of four Pokémon on the battlefield. Gameplay continues until a player makes all four of their opponent’s Pokémon faint or until the in-game time limit has expired.

Best of 1 - 20 minutes for swiss rounds Players will have 5 minutes to check in on their match, inactive opponents will receive a game loss after the timer countdowns to 0.

Top Cut will be played on best of 3 with 50 minutes.

In case of any technical difficulty during checking in, you have to click "request a judge" so a moderator can intervene, you must do this within the check-in time. Intentional Draws are allowed. Disconnection will be considered as a game loss.

In the event that the winners are not members of Blackroc Gaming, they will be asked to sign-up in order to receive payouts from Blackroc.

Tournament Structure

Swiss Rounds
3 Swiss Rounds - BO1
20 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1