Organized by PokéTommy
Standard format

Format will be Standard (Sword & Shield-Evolving Skies)

Prizes will be awarded as followed:

TOP 8: 5x Evolving Skies PTCGO Codes

TOP 4: 10x Evolving Skies PTCGO Codes

RUNNER UP: 25x Evolving Skies PTCGO Codes

WINNER: 50x Evolving Skies PTCGO Codes

To claim your prizes, you MUST be a member of the Discord listed here, so that you can receive your winnings!



-You MUST use a STANDARD FORMAT deck, AS PER LISTED. (Regulation Mark D/E, SW/SH-EVS)

-You MUST check in to the tournament.

-You MUST check in to each round. Failure to do such WILL RESULT IN A LOSS.

-You MUST have match timers on.

-Good sportsmanship is a priority. It's just digital cards. Have fun.

Any concerns can be brought up to JumpBoost Gaming#1873 (PokeTommy) in Discord.

Tournament Structure

JumpBoost Open
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1