Zulu's Webcam Event 9/9!
Organized by Zulu's
Digimon Card Game

Zulu Webcam Tournament on 9/9 at 6:30PM PST!

Note: Must join Zulu's Discord server and follow the Digimon Channel for information on tournament details, pairings with opponents at the appropriate tables, and also many other things! Link to server can be found through the discord icon!

Tournament Format:
Start Time: 6:30PM PST
Cost: FREE!
Format: Bo3 50 minute Rounds with end of match procedures
Play until there is an undefeated player!
No check-in or Decklist submission needed!

Undefeated Player will get a deck box this week! Shipping with be $5 (US Only; International shipping additional charges applies) for the winner or Free to pick up at the store!!

Spectating is allowed as long as you're muted and not interrupting the game.

Tournament Structure

bo3 Swiss
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1