PTCG Webcam Series #1
Organized by Keegan Bosch
Standard format


Webcam Tournament Series

All tournaments in this series will be played on discord with REAL CARDS. For me, as much as I appreciate PTCGO, there's just no replacement for having real cards in your hands. Games will be played over webcam at "tables" on discord. Judges will be available live to pop in and provide rulings. Essentially: as close to a "real" game as we can get over the internet!


Tournaments will take place in the discord server, so please join to participate.


  • Entry for tournaments is currently free
  • All players must submit a deck list 5 minutes before the start of Round 1
  • Players must check in before EACH round. Failure to check in within the 5 minute time period will result in a game loss.
  • Swiss rounds will be determined by number of entrants based on the recommendations on the TPCI website
  • Swiss rounds will be bo1 with a 30 minute timer. The first 5 minutes are "free time" for players to check in and meet one another in the discord. If a player is not checked in AND at their "table" in the discord by the end of the 5 minute free period, they will receive a game loss
  • Top cut will be bo3 with a 65 minute timer. The first 5 minutes are "free time" for players to check in, as with swiss rounds.
  • Players may call a judge through limitless OR by tagging a judge/administrator in the discord
  • All judge rulings will be based on the Pokemon TCG Compendium
  • Judge rulings are final. If you have a complaint, please contact the administrator through discord.


Games will be livestreamed (with the express consent of both players in advance of game start) on our Twitch page here



Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1