Hickok TCG - Season 1 - Tournament #1
Organized by Hickok TCG
Standard format

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  • The fee for this tournament is two evolving skies booster packs and one basic energy (so that we never run low on tradable cards) can be sent to AaronOwen on PTCGO (You will be dropped if you do not pay on time).

  • Check in opens at 5:00 pm EDT and deck list submission closes at 7:00 pm EDT.

  • The tournament is in standard format (swsh- evs).

  • Number of Swiss rounds depends on the number of participants.

  • The tournament structure is as follows: One Swiss round (bo1), top cut (bo1), finals match (bo3).

  • All participants are required to join the discord.

  • If there is a problem during the match, press the match dispute button, and we will try our best to resolve the problem.

  • All participants are required to submit a standard legal deck.

  • Registration for the tournament ends at 6:30 pm EDT.

  • Both players who reach the final will be asked to stream their match in discord.


  • Top 4 will receive prizes.

  • Prizing will depend on the number of participants.


  • The season runs from September through the second to last month before the next format rotation.

  • The top 16 ranked players from Hickok TCG will compete in an invitational tournament the month before the next format rotation.

  • The prizing for the invitational will be determined closer to the event time.

  • Tournaments take place once a month.

  • The top 16 from each tournament will receive points that go to their ranking.

  • Click on the following to see the current ranking: - https://play.limitlesstcg.com/series/613340821d8cea46cc205b10/ranking



  • Aaron Hickok

  • Owen Hickok

Tournament Structure

3 Round Swiss (BO1)
2 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut (BO3)
1 Single Elimination Round - BO3
60 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1