Snowpoint Circuit 2009 Webcam Event
Organized by Snowpoint Circuit
Worlds 2009 (DP-RR) format

Welcome to the Snowpoint Circuit 2009 Worlds Format Webcam Tournament! This tournament will be played using the Worlds 2009 format, which consists of the following sets:

Diamond & Pearl
Mysterious Treasures
Secret Wonders
Great Encounters
Majestic Dawn
Legends Awakened
Rising Rivals
Black Star Promos DP1-DP44
POP Series 6-9

Tournament Rules:

The tournament will be best of one, double elimination, with a 48-hour timer in place. You are encouraged to play games as soon as you are given an opponent to make the event progress faster, but you have 48 hours to complete a match in the event you cannot immediately play your opponent.
You MUST join the discord server. This is necessary because you also must play your games in one of the 'Tournament Play' voice channels within the server, to allow spectation. This is done to allow people to view matches going on to potentially catch misplays or cheating, but also so people can watch more games of the format for fun. You may spectate any games occurring in a tournament play channel, but while in an active tournament play channel please mute your microphone, unless you have a game state correction to make.
Games will be best of one, untimed within the game, and the Grand Finals Match will be best of 3, with the person in winners bracket starting with a game one win.
The first round of the tournament will begin Monday, June 14, 9:30 AM PST. Players may use the match chat or discord to communicate, but keep in mind if there is a dispute, a judge can view the history in the limitless match chat.

There will be no prizing for this event, however the champion will recieve an applicable role promotion (see #roles)


In order to copy and paste your deck to submit it, please familiarize yourself with You will have to manually build your deck through this website, but it is fairly simple to do so, and there are instructions on exporting your deck by clicking the "?" in the top right hand corner of the site. This will be our first time incorporating the submission method, so do not be concerned if something goes wrong, simply ask for help from an admin, or in the discord server and someone will be able to help you out.
This event will be a closed decklist tournament. Lists will be revealed at the end of the tournament.

Other Rules

  2. If you require more information on the format, feel free to consult the discord server's '2009' meta discussion channel, the Snowpoint Temple Facebook group, the Snowpoint Cast YouTube channel, or
  3. You MAY look up what cards do mid-game if you are unaware, as well as search applicable rulings if you are unsure of a card interaction. The Diamond and Pearl Ruling Book can be found at, and we suggest as a source to search up what cards do. Furthermore, you may DM judges or ask in the discord server what happens in certain scenarios, but consult the compendium first, as you may not get an immediate response.
  4. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either an admin (The TO’s discord is Jirachi123#5648) or ask in the troubleshooting channel in the discord, and someone will be able to assist you.
  5. Lastly, please abide by the spirit of the game, and have fun! We are all here to play some retro, and the experience should be fun for everyone involved!

By registering you agree that you have read the rules of this tournament.

Tournament Structure

Double Elimination
Double Elimination Bracket - BO1
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0