Snowpoint Circuit

The Snowpoint Circuit

The Snowpoint Circuit is a tournament server that hosts a variety of old format Pokémon tournaments.

For the sake of tournament integrity all webcam rounds MUST be played in one of the Snowpoint Circuit discord's 'Tournament Play' channels. In order to play in one of the Snowpoint Circuits tournaments you must join the discord server linked above.

Additional Resources

If you're looking to play in an old format tournament but feel unprepared or wishing you had more insight into a certain format, there are a variety of resources online to check out. One of them being my personal channel, the 'Snowpoint Cast' which is linked above. The Snowpoint Cast is a youtube channel focused wholly on covering Pokémon TCG's old formats, with world champion interviews, in depth deck list analysis and a variety of different VS videos from a multitude of formats you'll be ready to hold your own with the best in no time.

Ptcgarchive and Jason Klaczynski's blog are another two amazing resources to check out, especially if you're looking for old format decklists.


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