The Sunday Social 28th March
Organized by The Sunday Open
Expanded format

The Sunday Open

About the Sunday Social!

The Sunday Social is a free tournament which runs at the same time as Phase 2 of The Sunday Open, with registration opening after round 2 completes. It will be minimally prized, depending on the number of entrants and the health of The Sunday Open donation pool. If you wish to donate any packs they will always be gratefully appreciated! Please send to Openreg_1 on the day of the tournament (see the #read-this-first channel on our Discord server for more details).

Important: Visit the Sunday Open discord server for information on full and up-to-date tournament format, tournament rules & procedures and to get involved in our community:

Below are some differences to The Sunday Open, but please join the Discord Server, read the #read-this-first channel and ask questions if you have any! We are happy to provide answers.

  • The Sunday Social is Expanded Format according to what can be played on the PTCGO ladder. This means that new sets can be played as soon as they become available.
  • The first Sunday of every month (on the week where the main tournament is Expanded Format) the Sunday Social will be an alternate format which will be decided ahead of time, again with new sets being legal as soon as they are available
  • there will be no top cut, the final standings will be determined after an appropriate number of swiss rounds.
  • Rounds are 30 minutes with 5 Minute check-in. Don't get caught out!

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1