Ultimate Series #1: XY-STS (Standard 2016)
Organized by Vi$un's Battle Arena
Worlds 2016 (XY-STS) format

The Ultimate Series #1: XY-STS (Standard 2016)

1-Pack Entry Fee

Closed Decklists (Public after tournament completion)

X Rounds of Swiss Followed by a Top Cut (# of players determines length)

48 Hour Rounds (Refer to the Schedule and the Discord)

40 Packs in Prize Pool

Pack-Entry Status is here

General Rules:

  • Best of 3 Swiss Untimed Rounds
  • Best of 3 Single Elimination Top Cut Untimed Rounds
  • Pass-Pass is enforced (more down below)
    If a player fails to do this, the match is reset, if this happens a 2nd time in a set, the player who forgets takes a loss for that match (note, the match, not the round)
  • Any issues can be PM'd to Vi$un14618#4420 or our other staff
  • Registration and Decklist Submission closes when the Tournament begins
  • Send 1 Vivid Voltage pack to the user Vikman14618 before the Tournament begins
  • You must join the Discord Server
  • 10 Packs are set aside for the Invitational
  • Functionally similar cards (i.e. Professor Sycamore & Professor Juniper) are interchangeable

Deck Rules:

  • All cards must be from the sets ranging from XY Base Set to Steam Siege
  • All cards from XY Trainer Kit - Sylveon and XY Trainer Kit - Noivern are legal
  • All cards from XY Trainer Kit - Bisharp and XY Trainer Kit - Wigglytuff are legal
  • All cards from XY Trainer Kit - Latias and XY Trainer Kit - Latios are legal
  • All cards from XY Trainer Kit - Pikachu-Libre and XY Trainer Kit - Suicune are legal.
  • All XY Black Star Promos numbered XY01 to XY119, XY121 to XY159, and XY173 to XY177, and XY183 are legal.

Additional Rulings:

Pass-Pass Ruling :

  • Player A Turn 1: pass (no other action allowed)
  • Player B Turn 1: pass (no other action allowed)
  • Player A Turn 2: play as turn 1 (no evolution) (no attack)
  • Player B Turn 2: play as turn 1 (no evolution)

In-game Match Timers must be on unless both players agree in advance to have them off.

In the event of a Player disconnecting from their match. The opponent calls either a redo or a game win (Example below):

  • Game 1: Player A wins
  • Game 2: Player B disconnects and loses the match as a result. Player A chooses whether to take the win or redo this specific game.

Then the game continues as normal

Suspended Cards:

  • Lysandre’s Trump Card PHF

Here is a link to the Series Information

Tournament Structure

Ultimate Series #1 Swiss
4 players advance to the next phase
Ultimate Series #1 Cut
2 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
2880 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1