Limitless Online Series 2021

After an amazing run in early 2020, with 4 of the biggest PTCGO tournaments to date, the Limitless Online Series is finally making its return! Players will be able to compete in a variery of free-to-enter online tournament to win prizes and points towards a ranking, with the top performers being invited to compete in the Limitless Invitational 2021.

There are some important changes compared to the first edition of the Limitless Online Series. Instead of all tournaments being played out over the span of a few weeks, the series will last for many months. The first tournaments that count towards the ranking started in October 2020, and will continue until May 2021. The Invitational will take place in June, around the same time as the 2020 Limitless Invitational. The exact date will be decided at a later time, and will take scheduling of live events into account, in case they have returned by that point.

Another change is the introduction of different types of tournaments with varying frequency, prizing and point payouts. In addition to the weekly tournaments you might already be familiar with, we'll also be adding some bigger tournaments to the series in 2021!

Weekly tournaments

The Limitless Weeklies are run once per week, usually on either Friday or Saturday, and feature a prize pool of 100 online codes of the latest main set, provided by PoTown Store. The tournaments are played with best-of-one Swiss rounds, and a best-of-three top 8 bracket. The format switches between Standard and Expanded, we aim for both to be about equally represented.

Registration for the tournaments opens at the start of each week, you can follow our organizer page or discord server to stay up to date with when exactly they are happening!

The Weeklies have a Best Finish Limit of 10. That means if a player has more than 10 finishes that earned them ranking points in these tournaments, only their best 10 will count towards the ranking.

Major tournaments

On some weeks, the regular Weekly will be replaced by a different tournament. These will have an increased prize pool, high point payouts and will be announced weeks in advance. In addition to the channels mentioned above, you can expect to find all information about these tournaments by following our social media accounts.

Each of these tournaments will start on a Saturday and continue play on the Sunday. Swiss rounds are split into two phases, and aren't necessarily best-of-one. There is also a live stream for parts of the tournament.


There will be 4 of these tournaments between January and May. Dates will be finalized about 1 month before each tournament.

Limitless Invitational

The Limitless Invitational 2021 will be an invite only tournament in June. Unlike the 2020 edition, it will follow a regular Swiss (BO3) + Single Elimination structure. Every player that reaches at least 70 points on the LOS ranking will be invited to compete.

In addition to prizing in the form of online codes, store credit and cash, provided by sponsors and us directly, top finishers at the Invitational will also be receiving promo cards and playmats comparable to those of the 2020 series (1, 2)!

The information on this page is subject to change. Last updated on January 10th 2021.

Point Structure


Top 414
Top 812
Top 168
Top 326128
Top 644300
Best Finish Limit: 10


Top 444
Top 838
Top 1630
Top 3224
Top 6418
Top 12812600