Organized by Turn for 2
Disney Lorcana

Hello and welcome to the first Lorcana tournament hosted by the people behind "Turn for 2 | A Lorcana Podcast" we aim to bring you weekly Lorcana tournaments where everyone can test their skills and deck building ability against others! The top 3m decks will be featured on our podcast episodes for the week following the tournament. starting off the tournament will be best of 3 where loser of the round choses to go first or second. Join our discord to have your games streamed to our twitch channel!

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Swiss rounds, based on attendance with NO TOP CUT!


You must use a standard format deck. You must check in to the tournament. You must also check in to each round or you get a game loss. You have 5 minutes to check in to your match and start your game. If you get disconnected, you will get a game loss unless still within the check in timer. Poor sportsmanship is never ok and will result in a disqualification and a ban from future tournaments. We understand that Pixelborn has its fair share of issues and has frequent bugs. Our team will do our best to adapt to all problems the client may have and will make the best rulings possible. If the game disconnects on the loading screen or during initial set up, please call a judge and have both players confirm and try challenging again. This only applies during check in. The game won't be official until the first turn starts. If a player recognizes they chose the wrong list during check in, please call a judge to make them aware of this and resend the game request with the correct list. Any coin flip decisions stay the same. Do not restart the game until you confirm with a judge.

To receive any updates on the tournament, or to reach out to a judge during the event, all participants must be a part of the Discord server. Also, make sure you have your Discord ID connected to your Limitless profile, staying in the server will keep you in the loop on any future events! Join the Discord here:

Any questions feel free to contact Anthony in the Discord server!

Tournament Structure

The First and Final Phase!
3 Swiss Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0