The Eagle’s Nest Webcam Locals BT14 11/20
Organized by The Eagle's Nest
Standard format

Welcome to the Eagle's Nest Webcam Circuit Series!!!


I would love to welcome everyone to The Eagle's Nest Webcam Locals. This event will be using the rules of NO SIDEDECKS and the NEW MULLIGANS. Decklists will be submitted via limitless. The standard Digimon TCG banlist will be in effect for these events unless stated otherwise:

Restriction/Banlist - Restriction List

Please note we will be using the April 1st banlist!!!

Please make sure you are in the Eagle's Nest discord also as the events will be held there (and don't forget to agree to the rules before you can gain access to the server)!

Discord Link - Discord Invite

Cost: $8

To purchase your entry please Paypal your entry to this email via FF: ZACHARIAHNPRATHER@YAHOO.COM

Alternative Cost: $9 Goods and Services

This Goods and Services option saves you money if you are using PayPal outside of the USA.


When: November 20th
Time: 7pm CST start time

Prize Support


Booster Pack of the most recent set or one of the egg sleeves sets on entry for all NA people (US and Canada).

Topping Player(s):

For every participant, a half pack will be added to the prize pool for our topping player(s). The breakdown for prizing will be as follows:

0-91st - 0.5 booster pack/person (rounded up) OR 1 egg sleeve set/ 2 people
10-181st - 4 booster packs AND 1 set of egg sleeves
2nd-4th- scaling based on participants (will be announced night of tourney)
Prizing will scale with participants. If 18+ players participate, then the breakdown will be added to this table. Booster Packs could be replaced with a $3.50/pack equivalent while Booster boxes can be replaced with a $84 cash payout also.

Other Details

We will have a judge for the tourney at all times. To request any help from a judge, please use the @judge ping in the judge-request channel. Tables are also numbered 1-16 which will correspond with the voice channels in the Eagle's Nest Cord. If every table finishes before the timer runs out, then we will possibly move onto the next round sooner. We will play a minimum of 3 rounds for this tournament. Normally, an undefeated is the stopping point, but we will avoid one round tourneys by implementing this rule. Additionally, the top table in the final round will have no timer so they can finish their set.

Tournament Structure

3 Swiss Rounds - BO3
55 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1