Late Night #96 on PTCG Live | Road to Japan
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Organized by Late Night Events
Standard format
Pokémon TCG Live

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Scarlet and Violet is Legal - This Event Will Use PTCG Live (not PTCGO)

These E-Block on Standard events are brought to you by The Shuffle Squad, Late Night Events, Metafy, PTCGO Store, and Ultimate Guard. Top players will earn the opportunity to compete in the Late Night Series Season Invitational with a grand prize of a fully paid trip to the 2023 World Championships in Yokohoma, Japan! Be sure to read all of the rules to avoid potential penalties. Best of luck!

You may need to restart PTCG Live after adding your opponent!

Late Night Info

  • Swiss Round BO1 matches are 30 minutes long with 5 mins of Check In per round
  • Top Cut BO3 matches are untimed long with no Check In. If your opponent is inactive for more than 5 minutes, please call a judge, and we will likely issue a Game Loss to your opponent for inactivity.
  • This event has multiple Phases - Swiss Rounds BO1 and Top Cut BO3
  • When time is called during Swiss Rounds BO1 the game will be a Tie, unless otherwise stated by Staff
  • If time is called it is a Tie!! If you believe your opponent is "Playing Slowly", please call a Judge as early as possible. The only acceptable forms of proof are: streaming your game in the Late Night Events Discord Server or your opponent admitting to "Playing Slowly"
  • If you select a wrong deck , please Call a Judge on Limitless, type in chat that you selected your wrong deck, and wait. If you have made any other actions in game - it will be an automatic Game Loss . If the right conditions are met, Staff will tell you to restart the game.
  • If you experience any of the following, but not limited to: Game Freezing, Internet Issues, Server Issues, Game Lag, Software Glitch, Device Crashing - it will be awarded as a Game Loss to the player experiencing the issue if the game is unusable. Otherwise attempt to finish the game if possible.
  • All games must be reported on Limitless before time has been called for the round otherwise they will be a "Tie". You can concede to your opponent to give them the "Win", but if there isn't a recorded result before time is called, it will stay a "Tie"
  • It is strongly recommended to have screenshot proof of any win or tie upon the conclusion of a game. If you leave a game without explicitly stating "time is over, this is a tie" or something similar, it could be perceived as a concession.
  • Players are allowed to stream their personal event experience on any streaming service and it is recommended to have a delay on your stream to avoid "stream sniping" or any other disadvantages. Any advantages gained by streaming, such as receiving assistance from your audience, can lead to penalties after staff investigates the situation.
  • It is the players responsibility to Check In prior to each match - failure to do so will result in an automatic Game Loss. If your opponent wants to reset the match, they will need to be the one to call the Judge.
  • Issues and problems during your match will be handled by Tournament Staff - please use the Match Dispute button. Any issues brought up on Discord won't be guaranteed to be answered.
  • All participants are recommended to be in the Late Night Events Discord Server for updates on pairings, event announcements, etc.
  • Late Night Events follow the Official Pokémon Rules whenever possible. Please make sure you read the complete details page to see if there are any differences.
  • Any player who is found breaking rules, using in game exploits, bullying, harassing, etc. will receive penalties.
  • Any player who is problematic outside of this event (before, during, and after) may not be eligible to play.
  • If you aren't familiar with the Play Limitless website or need additional information, please read the Help Page
  • All cards are considered "legal for play" the day they are released online / are available in game. If the Limitless website doesn't recognize the card yet, it isn't "legal for play"

event prizing Our Sponsors have graciously provided the following prizing for this event:

If you make Top 16 at this event, code prizing will be sent out shortly after the event ends via Limitless Rewards here:

round structure These events follow the official Pokémon TCG Tournament Structure for larger sized events as found here Pokémon Tournament Rules Handbook under Section The number of rounds for this event will accurately be based on the following amount of players:

  • 4-8 players = 3 Swiss Rounds and No Top Cut
  • 9-12 players = 4 Swiss Rounds and Top 4 Cut
  • 13-20 players = 5 Swiss Rounds and Top 4 Cut
  • 21-32 players = 5 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 33-64 players = 6 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 65-128 players = 7 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 129-226 players = 8 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 227-799 players = 14 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 800+ players = 15 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut

The Round Structure of this event is subject to change. Please join the Late Night Events Discord Server for the most up to date details on the event.


  • Current rankings for the season can be found at Late Night Events Leaderboard
  • Top players can earn spots into the Invitational
  • The Top 64 Ranked Players overall from this Late Night Events Season will be invited
  • The season will run for 44 events (71-114) followed by the Invitational
  • All players who qualify for the Invitational will be asked to stream their matches


sponsors The Late Night Events Series is sponsored by the following:


Details are subject to change.

Tournament Structure

Phase 1 Swiss
9 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
players with 19 or more points OR top 32, whichever is higher, advance to the next phase
Phase 2 Swiss
5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1