Nevada Crew Battle Qualifier
Organized by Team Do Work
Standard format

What is up Nevada! I will be hosting a streamed event 4th of July weekend and I need YOU to represent Nevada!

Team Do Work is going to host a Florida VS. Nevada Crew Battle!

The Crew Battle will be 4v4 and the representatives for Nevada will be playing in a free tournament to qualify. If you would like for a chance to represent Nevada in this event please know that you will be streamed, need to have internet access, and a way to play through discord. There are multiple ways to set this up, please check on YouTube to help you set up!

How to qualify:

1: Present a Nevada ID to a TDW member!

2: Place top 4 in this tournament!

Tournament Structure

4 Swiss Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
no round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0