Digimon TCG BT08 - Proxy Tournament
Organized by TCG Cast
Standard format

Good day to all fellow Tamers. Lots of us may be feeling a little tired of the BT07 format and even more saddened at the delay of BT08. We at the TCG Cast have decided to get a taste of what the BT08 will be like in the summer and thus we have created the BT08 - Proxy Tournament.

Location: TCG Cast Discord. https://discord.gg/Q6bEEJKDUG

Entry: $10USD. PayPal - paypal.me/TCGCast

Format: Best of 3. 50 minutes

Rules: This will be treated as if the entirety of BT08 and structure decks 9 and 10 are released. The ban/limited list Bandai intends to implement at the time of the BT08 release will be observed for this event. No side deck. Yes to mulligans.

Deck Builds: Since we do not have the BT08 block cards in English, using the Japanese cards will be allowed for this event. You may print out the card pictures and place them in a sleeve with a card behind them so they feel like real cards. Also, if you have the Japanese cards you may use them as well. You will be expected to know the effect of every card in your deck and be able to provide the translation to your opponent upon request. Deck lists will not be required. Ensure you review the intended ban/limited list. BT08 AND ST-9, ST-10 ARE LEAGL. To make the proxies, copy and paste the image into Microsoft Word and set the dimensions to 88mm high and 64mm wide.

Observation: To keep the bandwidth stable, it is asked that those observing the event go to the TCG Cast Twitch Channel to watch. https://www.twitch.tv/tcg_cast

Judge Calls: Please direct judge requests to the call-a-judge of the TCG Cast. Judging will be handled by Nigel and Zai.

Prizing: If we get 8 participants top 4 will split a box of BT08. At 16, 1st will get a whole box, 2nd will get half a box, 3rd and 4th will split the remaining half. At 24 or more there will be giveaways on stream.

*Note: The TCG Cast discord has a official rulings channel that has all the PDFs and files from Bandai in regards to rules and rulings. If you intend to use jogress and armor play styles please review the relevant information.

Tournament Structure

Phase 1
4 Swiss Rounds - BO1
50 minutes per round
no round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1