SUM-LOT Tournament - 100 FST!
Organized by Vi$un's Battle Arena
LAIC 18/19 (SUM–LOT) format

Sun & Moon to Lost Thunder Event

Prizing: 100 FST will be distributed across Top Cut


  • Best of 1 Swiss Rounds, 25 Minutes
  • Best of 3 Top Cut, 50 Minutes
  • Length of Tournament determined by # of participants
  • All Donations are added to a Prize Pool, which is distributed in its entirety at the end of the tournament.


  • Deck Lists will be checked before the tournament begins, please be sure to submit a legal list
  • Match Check-in is required
  • You must join the Discord Server to be notified on how Prizing is distributed
  • We will be abiding by a majority of the official rules for sanctioned Pokemon TCG events, including but not limited to: Sportsmanship Conduct, Stalling, and Illegal Cards.
  • Bullying / Harassment of users, in the tournament, server, or otherwise, is not tolerated.

Deck Rules:


  • All cards must be from the sets ranging from Sun & Moon Base Set to Lost Thunder.
  • All cards from SM Trainer Kit - Lycanroc and SM Trainer Kit - Alolan Raichu are legal.
  • All SM Black Star Promos numbered SM01 to SM157, and SM171 to SM176 are legal.
  • All functionally similar cards (e.g. Professor’s Research & Professor Juniper) will be legal.

Additional Rulings:

Pass-Pass for this format is as follows (Reset if this is ignored once. If ignored twice or you have reason to believe the reset was with malicious intent, please request a judge):

  • Player A Turn 1: pass (no other action allowed)
  • Player B Turn 1: pass (no other action allowed)
  • Player A Turn 2: play as turn 1 (no evolution) (no attack)
  • Player B Turn 2: play as turn 1 (no evolution)

Then the game continues as normal

In-game Match Timers must be on.

In the event of a Player disconnecting from their match. The opponent calls either a redo or a game win (Example below):

  • Game 1: Player A wins
  • Game 2: Player B disconnects and loses the match as a result. Player A chooses whether to take the win or redo this specific game.

Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
25 minutes per round
6 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
6 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1