Pokemon Master Series | 24hr Base-Base2 Edition
Organized by 7heMC
Custom format


This event is part of the Pokemon Master Series. (

This tournament will be played on TCG ONE.

Legal Sets & Promos

(Click the link above to see all legal cards or click a set name below to see the cards included in just that set.)


  • No entry fee required, however pack donations are appreciated to increase prizing
  • Any issues or problems should be reported using the judge request feature on limitless.
  • As with IRL events, players must abide by the Pokemon Spirit of the Game
  • Participants are requested to be in our Discord Server for updates on pairings, event announcements, etc.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated
  • If you aren't familiar with the Play Limitless website or need additional information, please read the Help Page
  • If you aren't familiar with TCG ONE, please check out the TCG ONE forums or TCG ONE Discord.
  • If you have questions or need help, join our discord and ask for help.

Tournament Structure

  • 1-4 participants = 3 Rounds Swiss
  • 5-12 participants = 4 Rounds Swiss
  • 13-32 participants = 5 Rounds Swiss
  • 33+ participants = 6 Rounds Swiss

Tournament Rules

  • Make sure to register for this tournament using your TCG ONE username NOT your ptcgo username.
  • Using a deck with cards outside the legal sets listed above will result in a game loss.
  • In an effort to give players as much exposure to the format as possible, players ARE ALLOWED TO SWITCH DECKS between games as long as each deck only contains cards from the legal sets above.
  • You must check In prior to each match; failing to check in will result in an automatic Game Loss
  • You will have 12 hours to check-in and contact your opponent.
  • You will have a total of 24 hours, including the check-in time, to schedule and play your match.
  • Send a direct challenge to your opponent in TCG ONE by Clicking Social > Lobby > and then right-clicking your opponents name.
  • When selecting the format on TCG ONE, you must select Base-Fossil (1999) Format to ensure the correct rules are enforced for the match.

Click Social > Lobby > Right-click your opponents name to send challenge

Format Rules

  • Winner of coin flip must go first – determined after game setup
  • Players may mulligan with fossil only start
  • If a player mulligans, the opponent can draw up to 2 cards per mulligan
  • Turn 1 player has no restrictions
  • Player going first can attack
  • Player must flip to retreat if confused
  • Player takes 20 damage if tails is flipped for confusion – apply weakness and resistance
  • Players may retreat multiple times in a turn
  • Players may play multiple stadiums in a single turn
  • Stadium cards are considered trainers

Format Resources

(Aside from a few promo cards this format is essentially the same as Base-Fossil.)


  • Winner = 15 FST codes
  • Second = 10 EVS codes
  • Top 4 = 5 EVS codes

FST codes will be distributed via limitless, but EVS codes will be traded in PTCGO so you should join the discord server to ensure correct prizing. Additional prizing will be added if more than 32 players participate.

Tournament Structure

4 Swiss Rounds - BO3
1440 minutes per round
720 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1