LUX SERIES Season#1 Week 10 (Free Entry)
Organized by Luxury Gaming
Standard format

Luxury Gaming Online Tournaments!

Welcome to Luxury Gaming's LUX SERIES Season #1

Luxury Gaming is your weekly opportunity to compete for online packs and other digital goodies every Saturday!

How To Register

Luxury Gaming events are FREE to enter the ONLY REQUIREMENT IS TO JOIN THE DISCORD.

Join Here --->

General Information

All players are required to be in the tournament Discord Server or Facebook Group , where we will post updates about pairings, scheduling, and other information that will be important to the players of the tournament.

All questions can be directed towards our tournament staff, and handled on Discord - While disputes during the event will be handled on the tournament limitless page.

Players who make it to (Top 8) are expected to screen share their PTCGO game on discord, so they can be featured on our livestream.


PokePerk is providing a prize pool of 100 packs, paid out as follows:

1st: 30 packs

2nd: 20 packs

3rd-4th: 15 packs

5th-8th: 5 packs

Rules & Regulations

Bullying, Harassments, or failure to comply with tournament staff or fellow competitors will not tolerated by any means.

Players are required to communicate with their paired opponents, and place themselves into a match in a timely fashion.

Players are required to use the same deck list throughout the tournament - If a player make changes to their submitted deck list, they will automatically lose the match.

PTCGO Client can be unpredictable at times. Any disconnections during match, or exploits of bugs/glitches will result in an automatic game loss. (If this occurs in the Top 8 while being spectated by the Staff, this decision may be changed at the staff's discretion.)

Cheating of any kind will result in disqualification without prizes from the event, and being banned from all future events. If you are in a match where you believe your opponent cheated, please send any evidence you may have to the tournament staff.

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected. You are NOT allowed to be disruptive or grief your opponent in Real Life, such as in any Discord or Twitch chat (or any other actions that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct except for actions intended to be allowed within the game itself as part of normal game-play.) If you do, your actions may result in a game loss, match loss, or disqualification from the event without prizes, solely at the discretion of the Tournament Staff.

If less than 100 enter tournament prizing will be restructured accordingly.


Contact Information

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, or have any questions regarding prize distribution, you can contact me on the following platforms.



Facebook: (Fastest way to reach me or any mods)


Questions about tournament procedures or rules can be directed toward the Luxury Gaming staff members using the following platforms.



Facebook: (Fastest way to reach me or any mods)



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Tournament Structure

Swiss Rounds
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1