Danglers x 3 set - single prize Extravaganza
Organized by DragonsDanglers
Standard format
Special Rules
  • Single Prize Pokémon only

Welcome to DragonsDanglers x 3 Set - Single Prize Extravaganza .

x 5 / 30 minute battles (2 mins check in) / highest points at the end wins.

1 point per win (ties = 0 points)

If we have a tie in points at the end, the winner will be the person at the top of the leaderboard. This goes the same for 2nd place, 3rd place and so on.



You can only use cards from these X 3 sets which are :

  1. Darkness Ablaze
  2. Rebel Clash
  3. Sword + Shield

You can only use Pokemon / special energy / and Trainer cards from these 3 sets. You can use any basic energy.

Older or newer cards that are reprints, that are in these 3 sets are allowed.

Banned cards/decks are as follows:

  • Dragapult (with Infiltrator ability)

  • Hydreigon (with Dark Squall ability)

  • Grimmsnarl (with Dark Oath ability)

  • Mad party deck

  • Marnie

Prizes are as follows :

1st place = FA BOSS'S ORDERS

2nd place = SR Stormy Mountains

3rd place = SR Cresselia

4th place = Shiny Crobat V x 2

5th place = SR Exp. Share


If you use a card that you are not allowed then it is instant DQ so please fully read and understand all of the info/rules.

If you think someone is playing a card that is not eligible please ask for a judge and we will get to you ASAP.

If everybody finishes their games before the round time ends the next round will begin straight away so please be aware of this.

Any updates will be through our DISCORD TOURNAMENT CHANNEL.

Tournament Structure

Only Phase
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0