Lord Avalon Series 17 Expanded (Free Entry)
Organized by LordAvalon
Expanded format

Welcome to the next Series Tournament hosted by LordAvalon! This will be a single match Expanded tournament. The details below are as follows:

  • Decks must be Expanded legal. All current bans still apply.

  • Swiss and Single Elimination rounds rounds will be 30 minutes long with a 5 minute check in period. Matches are best of one round.

  • Players who fail to check in will lose the match. Players who fail to check in for two rounds in a row will be disqualified.

  • Rounds will end when everyone finishes or when the timer runs out. Players who go over the time limit will receive a tie score.

  • Round numbers will change based on number of participants who have done all three of the entry requirements: registered, submitted a deck list, and checked in. CRE Prizing will reflect this as well. Here's the list of round numbers and prizing:

To receive your packs at the end of the tournament, send a friend request to ign EventFee and make a private trade. If you fail to collect your prize 15 mins after the tournament, contact me through Discord via the channel link and let me know.

The tournament will take place at 6 PM CST on July 24th. Remember to register, submit your deck list and check in if you wish to participate in the tournament!!! Check in starts at 5 PM CST on the day of the tournament.

Join the Discord listed on the tournament page to keep up to date on announcements or to ask questions if you have any. Have fun and I wish you the best of luck!

Tournament Structure

Standard Swiss
4 players advance to the next phase
Final Bracket
2 Single Elimination Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1