Goldenrod City Times Webcam Rumble #1 - Cash Entry
Organized by Goldenrod City Times
Sword & Shield Series format


Entry Fee: Send 5 dollars via paypal to (friends and family only), screenshot the payment and message Izaiah2PK#5961 the screenshot on discord for the entry code.

Format: Sword and Shield to Chilling Reign

Prizing: 90% of money will be put into the prize pool, and the other 10% will be used to pay any staff members

Tournament Rules

  1. You must check in to the tournament or you will be dropped. You must also check in to each rounds or you get a game loss.

  2. You must be respectful and abide by the rules, we are here to have a good time!

  3. Matches will be played in the discord server voice channel tables, you can watch other's games, but you may not interrupt their match.

  4. In order for your Proxies to be legal, they must follow the following requirements: #1-They must fit entirely within the sleeve on top of the basic energy #2-They must be backed by an undamaged basic energy

  5. When you are shuffling just do a regular shuffle, and do a self cut. No shuffling can happen after this.

  6. If you ever feel your opponent is stacking their deck or cheating some other way, ensure you have a video recording or screenshot to prove it, and call a judge.

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1