st00ben's Single Prize - Bi-Weekly #2
Organized by st00ben
Standard format
Special Rules
  • Single Prize Pokémon only

Welcome to st00ben's Single Prize Showdown - Bi-Weekly #1

This tournament will be held on Thursday, June 24th at 7PM Eastern!

This tournament is played in STANDARD FORMAT (Team Up - Chilling Reign) with ALL MULTIPRIZE POKEMON BANNED! (This means all GX, V and VMAX cards are forbidden from use in your deck)

REPEATING FOR CLARITY: ALL GX, V and VMAX cards are BANNED from this event! No Dedenne GX, Crobat V, Eldegoss V, etc

The event is FREE to enter! Consider following my Twitch Channel! I stream PTCGO and a variety of other games! I love having community involvement in the channel!

In the past, we've done much larger events for SPSD tournaments with some bans, but we're going to be shifting more to a casual bi-weekly structure! These events will not have additional banned cards, but will help us decided what to ban when we crank the prize pool and have bigger events, so keep an eye out for those!

I'll be participating in the event as well as streaming it! If I place, my prizes go to the next available player!

Prizes: (If you're looking to sponsor prizing for this event or future events, please feel free to contact me! I will promote you!)

Prizing is TBA

By entering, you agree to the following:

Best of 1 Swiss Rounds, No Top Cut. Rounds determined by attendance!

You will play with match Timers turned on.

You must check in before the event and before each round, failure to do so may result in being dropped.

To call a judge, you are to do so via your Limitless Dashboard.

Disconnects are Game Losses.

If you are to receive prizes, you must be in our discord server so I can contact you!

Stream Sniping is punishable by Disqualification and a ban from future events held by st00ben.

Abide by the Spirit of the Game and keep it fun!

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1