CLOSED Chilling Reign Pre Release
Organized by Goblin Lair Events
Standard format


  • This is a Pre Release style event through PTCGO
  • This is a Closed Event
  • To receive the code to register, DM TheGyroscopeEevee#7227 on Discord
  • For this event you need a Build and Battle Kit Code for Chilling Reign and 7 Packs of Chilling Reign (Important to note these WILL NOT BE PROVIDED)
  • To build you deck, you are allowed to use any cards from the Evolution Kit included in your Prerelease Code and any card you pull in the 7 Packs. Basic Energy are of course allowed to be added regardless if you pulled them.
  • During the event, 30 Minutes will be given to open your packs and kit, as well as build your deck.
  • After building your deck, you will have to submit a PTCGO Export of your list to ensure you are not making changes during the event.
  • Afterwords, we will play 3 rounds of swiss, similar to a Pre Release Event!
  • In order to allow for a fun event and to prevent large unnecessary energy counts, the following cards are allowed to be added to lists regardless if you pulled any: Hop, Dan, Sonia, Korrina's Focus, Avery, Poke Kid, Bruno, Allister, Opal, Swordward & Shieldbert, Pokeball, Great Ball, Level Ball. You are also allowed up to 2 Professors Research but no more
  • General Rules:

    MATCH TIMERS: Each player MUST ensure they are selecting "timed match" when challenging their opponent on TCGO. This will enable the turn countdown and prevent stalling.

    ROUND CHECK IN: All players must check-in on Limitless at the start of EACH round. Please do this before you start your match with your opponent. Players who don't will receive an automatic loss for the round. You can find this check-in and all information under your dashboard on Limitless.

    DISCONNECTS: Should either player disconnect from their match and are unable to join into the same game, that player will automatically receive a game loss for that round.

    DROPPING: Players may opt to discontinue their participation in the tournament at any time. Players may drop on their Limitless dashboard themselves.

    MATCH RESULTS: All match results will be reported on Limitless.

    DISPUTES: We hope players will report their matches accurately. However, an issue may arise when two players report opposing results. We encourage winning players to screenshot their result as proof should a dispute arise. Should a match result dispute be deemed too ambiguous to award either player a win, both players will receive a game loss.

    INCORRECT RECORD: It is the responsibility of the player to make sure their record and match result is correct before the next round is paired.

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0