Norcal East Bay Online League
Organized by StealthShampoo
Standard format

To register, please use the registration code. The registration code is in the #announcements section of the Team Kam and Friends Discord. There is no entry fee.

Prizing based on attendance. Each player who completes the entire event will receive at minimum 1 SSH-era online pack. Minimum 4 players required for prizing, event capped at 8 players unless otherwise announced in Discord.

Head judge: StealthShampoo#0001 on Discord
Format: TEU-BST
Swiss, 3 rounds maximum, no top cut
Best of 3, 60 minute rounds. The loser of the previous round is allowed to choose if they can go 1st or 2nd the following round.
In-game timer must be on!
0 points are awarded for ties
Decklists are open. If you select the wrong list, communicate that to your opponent and restart the match. Matches played with an incorrect decklist, or players using an incorrect decklist by turn 2, will be awarded a game loss (1 game of the BO3). Please screenshot decklist disputes for the judges.
A game loss (1 game of the BO3) applied to players who do not contact their opponent within 5-minutes of round start. A round loss (all 3 games of the BO3) applied to players who do not contact their opponent within 10-minutes of round start.
Coordinate with your opponent in the #online-league text chat. The judge may be unable to reference in-game chat.
Take note of the check-in times, and remember to submit a decklist!

Twitch Livestreams
Players may be required to stream their matches in Discord. For the sake of competitive integrity, all broadcasts on Twitch will have a minimum 60 second stream delay. Players must be MUTED AND DEAFENED in Discord for the entirety of their match.

Event details are subject to change. It is the player's responsibility to keep up-to-date with information in the Discord.

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0