Atlas Special #10 - 2017 Worlds (PRC-BUS)
Organized by Atlas Championship Series
Worlds 2017 (PRC-BUS) format

The 10th special format event of the Atlas Collectables Championship Series! What's special about it? The event will be played in the Primal Clash to Burning Shadows format from the 2017 World Championships!

Atlas Special Events such as this one that take place in formats before Sword and Shield was legal for play (Cosmic Eclipse or earlier) will be played with the pass pass rule. This is to replicate the effect of being able to use a supporter turn 1 going first. A game would play out as follows:

  • The coin is flipped
  • Player A goes first, draws for turn, and then passes
  • Player B goes second, draws for turn, and then passes
  • Player A then has their "Turn 1", where they are allowed to play a supporter (but not attack, or evolve their pokemon), and play will resume as normal.

If a player forgets to apply the pass-pass rule, the game will restart, and the player who made the mistake will receive a double prize penalty.

You must join our discord! The link is at the bottom of the description.

All free to enter, all prized, all the time.

Best of 3 untimed matches.

Swiss + Top Cut

Closed/Hidden Decklists

You must play one round every day. If you fail to schedule a game in time it will be a tie, or your opponent will get the win depending on the circumstances.

1st - $25 CAD Atlas Store Credit + 50 Atlas Points

2nd - $15 CAD Atlas Store Credit + 40 Atlas Points

Top 4- $5 CAD Atlas Store Credit + 32 Atlas Points

Top 8 - 25 Atlas Points (With a minimum of 24 players)

Top 16 - 20 Atlas Points (With a minimum of 48 players)

Top 32 - 16 Atlas Points (With a minimum of 100 players)

Top 64 - 13 Atlas Points (With a minimum of 200 players)

Contact me through: Draydon Davis on Facebook

@FlyingCorpses on Twitter

Tournament Structure

players with 15 or more points advance to the next phase
Top Cut
4 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
untimed rounds
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1