UnlistedLobby: Road to Tropical Beach Ladder #6
Organized by TripleCarry TCG Tournaments
Standard format


Welcome to Unlisted Lobby's Summer Ladder Series!!!

Road To Tropical Beach #1

Standard Format - BO3 24 Hour Rounds, 100% Swiss

Closed DeckList (Feel free to switch decks every 24 hours)

No Commitment, if you miss a round it doesn't matter too much

Free Entry | MEE6 LVL 5+ Required to accumulate points

You Must be MEE6 LVL 5+ to win prizing or accumulate Ladder Points In Unlisted Lobby
Decklists will be closed, you can switch your deck during every game of the Bo3

Summer Ladder Series Schedule
"Road to Tropical Beach" will be from May 16th to June 27th to win Player's Cup 2 Gameplay Set
"At The Tropical Beach" will be from June 28th to August 15th to win a 2011 Tropical Beach
"Leaving The Beach" will be from August 16th to September 5th to win TBD

General Rules
Please follow Play! Pokemon Tournament Rules
BO3 Swiss Rounds w/ 24 Hour Round Timer
Please contact any of our Discord Judges if any issues should occur or questions

How it works

1. 100% Swiss Rounds, No Commitment

2. Your Lowest Ladder Week will be dropped

3. Matches will be paired every 24 hours from the time the tournament starts

4. You may use a different deck every game in the Bo3 Match

5. Upon being paired, it is both player's responsibility to schedule a time, failure to schedule will be a double match loss, contact judge if any issues occur

6. Standing points will be recorded in Unlisted Lobby

7. At the very end of all ladders of each series, Top 8 Players will play a Round Robin Tournament to win the series Grand Prize

Series Grand Prize: Player's Cup 2 Gameplay Set
Specific Ladder Prizes + Additional Prizing TBA
Server points to Top X Players

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1