Niley eSports - League Play - Season One
Organized by Niley eSports
Standard format

Niley eSports - League Play - Season One

How to Register

  1. Purchase your Entry Ticket to the League -->
  2. Go to Discord and message @owner -->
  3. You will be given a One-Time code for Registration

Playoffs Prize Pool

1st Place - $65
2nd Place - $40
3rd Place - $20
4th Place - $20

Once we hit 12 Players, we will add $12 more to the Prize Pool for each additional Player that joins.

Regular Season Round Robin

Every Player will play against every other Player twice during the Regular Season
Players must organize a time to play against your opponent in the Pairing Channel on Discord
Failure to play in your Match in the allotted time will result in a Tie
Matches will be played in Best of 3 Format and with the rules listed below

Double Elimination Playoffs

The Top 8 Players in the Standings at the end of the Regular Season Round Robin will move forward to the League Play Season One - Double Elimination Playoffs
If 32 or more players join the League, then Top 16 will move into the Playoffs.


  1. You DO NOT have to submit Decklists
  2. You are ALLOWED to switch Decks between Games in a Best of 3
  3. You are ALLOWED to switch Decks between Rounds.
  4. COIN FLIPS - We will not be playing with any coin flip rules. You are allowed to switch decks between games, so keeping a natural coin flip seems to be more appropriate.
  5. GAME TIMERS - You must play with Game Timers enabled. If you start a game without a Game Timer then restart the game. If the Game Timer runs out naturally, the game must be replayed until somebody wins the game. You may switch decks when replaying a game that ended in a draw via Game Timer.
  6. SLOW PLAY - You may not slow play. If your opponent is slow playing then start recording and ask them to speed up. If they continue to slow play then send the recording to a judge on Discord. Any Player guilty of slow play will receive a Game Loss upon review of the recording.
  7. DISCONNECTS - In the case of a Disconnect, the in-game timer of the affected Player continues to run down. If they manage to Reconnect to the game before getting penalized by the timer, nothing else happens. However, after some time of inactivity, their opponent will eventually be given the win by PTCGO. That result will be considered final for the Game.
  8. ILLEGAL CARDS - We do not use decklists, so if you see a Player use a card that is not allowed in the Standard Format, this includes Banned cards, then take a screen shot and send it to a judge on Discord. Any player using illegal cards will receive a Game Loss.
  9. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT - Clear cases of unsporting conduct like intentionally reporting wrong results or insulting opponents will be handled with a Match Loss and possibly a ban from the Season and/or future Seasons.
  10. JUDGE - if you call a judge for any reason, you must also go to the Judge Channel on Discord and message @judge. A judge may not always be available, so start recording your game where necessary so a judge can review the recording and determine a Game Winner.

Tournament Structure

Round Robin #1
Round Robin (all-play-all) - BO3
4920 minutes per round
no round check-in
Round Robin #2
Round Robin (all-play-all) - BO3
4920 minutes per round
no round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
League Play Season One - Double Elimination Playoffs
Double Elimination Bracket - BO3
Single Match Finals
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1