Custom Night #3 - Commander
Organized by Carteado Sônico
Custom format

Welcome to Custom Night #3 - Commander, organized by Carteado Sônico!

[PT-BR] A descrição do torneio em português pode ser encontrada aqui.
(Tournament description in Portuguese can be found here.)

This is NOT a Brazilian-only event!

Please read all the rules and information to avoid issues and problems during registration or during the tournament.

General information and procedures

  • To participate in this tournament, you must register through Limitless Platform and submit a COMMANDER (details below) legal decklist until 5:00 PM EST. If you don't, you will be dropped;
  • To enter the prize pool of this tournament, you must send 2 Vivid Voltage packs (10 cards version) to CarteadoReg1 in PTCGO until 5:00 PM EST. You can still play for free, but, if you do, you will not compete for any prizing;
  • CHECK-IN will start at 4:05 PM EST and you have until 5:04 PM EST to check-in. If you don't, you will be dropped;
  • Players must use the exact same decklist through the tournament;
  • Prior to every match start, each player has 5 minutes to check-in in the round. If you don't, you will receive an automatic game loss;
  • Match disputes and issues will be solved by a judge. Use Request a Judge buttom to notify us if you have any issue. Don't try to contact judges in others means during the tournament;
  • Use Drop buttom to drop from the tournament;
  • You can easily find check-in, pairings, drop and tournament information in Dashboard;
  • If you're under 18, don't play without consent of your parents or guardians;
  • It's recommended to enter our Discord server and assign the @LitmitlessTournament role to yourself, then you will receive notifications about pairings, prizing, upcoming events, etc. You can do that in the channel #tournament-role. If you have any question, you can also contact us through Discord;
  • Please remember the priority of this event is to have fun.


The format for this event is called Commander, inspired by Magic Commander format. The rules are the following:

  • Commander is an unlimited format, what means it includes all available sets in PTCGO (HS - SHF);
  • Your 60 cards deck must contain only one copy of each card (except basic energy). This includes every art or reprint of the same card, but doesn't include every card with the same name (you can't use holofoil Marnie and regular Marnie in the same deck, but you can use one copy of Charizard from Team Up and one copy of Charizard from VIV, for example);
  • Your deck must contain exactly one card of each of the following classes:
    • Commander: either a V, GX or EX Pokémon (you still can't have more than 1 copy of your commander);
    • Captain: either a Prism Star (including trainers/energy) or Amazing Rare (you still can't have more than 1 copy of your captain);
  • This tournament has a ban list, which is displayed in the top of this page (all arts and reprints of banned cards are automatically also banned). Tag Team Pokémon, VMAX and MEGA are NOT allowed. Pokémon with the Ancient Trait Δ Plus and Ultrabeasts are also banned.
  • You can't use two cards with the exact same effect (virtual reprints) in your deck, like Boss' Order/Lysandre, Professor Sycamore/Professor Juniper and Repel/Pokémon Circulator, for example;
  • You can't use more than one card with the ability Garbotoxin in your deck. You can't use more than one card with the ability Energy Evolution as well.

If you fail to accomplish any of the rules above, you're at risk of being disqualified (DQ).

Here is an example of a Commander legal decklist:

list Commander


  • Open decklists;
  • BO1 Swiss (35 minutes per round);
  • BO3 Top Cut (75 minutes per round);
  • Number of rounds depends on attendance;
  • Wins = 1 point, ties = 0.

Match Rules

If you registers in this tournament, you agree with its rules. Click here to check match rules.


Prizing for this event is based on count of players who entered the prize pool and donations. Our sponsor Kedge Card Games (use SHSuperSonic5 code for 5% discount) also provided some boosters to increase prizing, which will be as follows:

  • 1st: VIV packs (depends on attendance)
  • 2nd: VIV packs (depends on attendance)
  • Top 4: VIV packs (depends on attendance)
  • Top 8: VIV packs (depends on attendance)

This tournament is valid for Green Hill Series #1. You can find details about this series and its Points Structure here.

Please note SHSuperSonic and other staff members may play in the tournament, but they're not able to win any prizing and are not able to qualify for Green Hill Invitational.

Main Staff

  • Wesley Dantas (@SHSuperSonic / SHSuperSonic#0892)
  • Matheus Marques (@PokeCardsBr / Firinn#2346)
  • Marcos Bispo (@Marck261 / Marck261#6016)
  • João Carlos (@joaocar_1990 / Deck_Inseto#6872)

Tournament will be streamed in SHSuperSonic Twitch channel, but everyone is free to stream on their own!

All information in this description, including prizing, number of rounds, schedule, etc. are subject to change at any time before or during the tournament. Rules are subject to change BEFORE the tournament.

Tournament Structure

8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Rounds of BO3 Single Elimination
75 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0