st00ben's Single Prize Showdown 2
Organized by st00ben
Custom format

Welcome to st00ben's Single Prize Showdown 2: Battle Styles Boogaloo! This is our 2nd event in the Series for st00ben's Twitch Channel! Last time we had just over 60 participants taking on the competition and showcasing unique deckbuilding and now we're doing it again! This time around we've got 2 more sets (Shining Fates & Battle Styles) thrown into the mix as well as a few bans! I plan on having anywhere from 2 to 4 bans in place for each event going forward, based on the results of the previous event! What decks will the community come up with next?

This tournament will be held on Saturday March 27th at 12PM EST (9AM PST, 5PM GMT)

This tournament is played in STANDARD FORMAT (Team Up - Battle Styles) with ALL MULTIPRIZE POKEMON BANNED! (This means all GX, V and VMAX cards are forbidden from use in your deck)

In Addition, the following cards are banned: Dragapult - Rebel Clash 091 & Black Market Prism Star - Team Up 134

REPEATING FOR CLARITY: ALL GX, V and VMAX cards are BANNED from this event, as well as the individual cards listed above! No Dedenne GX, Crobat V, Eldegoss V, etc

The event is FREE to enter for st00ben's followers! If you're not doing so, please drop a follow! (It's not required, if you really don't want to) In the coming weeks, we'll be hosting viewer battles to help the community gather ideas and provide someone to test decks against! I've also got some sections set up over in my Discord server as well!

Prizing is TBD at this moment and will be announced as soon as possible. We've got at least 200 Battle Styles codes lined up as prizing but there may be more! Stay tuned for details! If you wish to contribute or donate, please feel free to contact me!

By entering, you agree to the following:

Best of 1 Swiss Rounds, Cut to Top 8, Best of 3

You will play with match Timers turned on.

You must check in before the event and before each round, failure to do so may result in being dropped.

To call a judge, you are to do so via your Limitless Dashboard.

Disconnects are Game Losses.

Your gameplay may be streamed on Twitch by st00ben, if you wish to make it more likely to be seen, join our discord or stream it on Twitch!

Abide by the Spirit of the Game and keep it fun!

Tournament Structure

8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Rounds of BO3 Single Elimination
50 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1