Full Grip Games Online Series #6
Organized by Full Grip Games
Standard format

Full Grip Online Series #6

Date: Tues. December 1, Round 1 starts @ 7pm Eastern

Entry: $5 (purchased through www.fullgripgames.com) -> Entries will be available for purchase until 6:00pm EST on December 1. Please ensure you purchase your entry **prior to this cut-off! **

Format: TEU-VIV

Structure: Swiss, BO1 30 min rounds, NO top cut (like a large League Challenge). Number of rounds based on attendance.


  1. Join Discord - https://discord.gg/3XhJWGE (#info and #reminder channels have all information)
  2. Purchase your entry
  3. Post in #registration with your order number
  4. An admin will grant you the tournament role. Your message will be reacted to once this is done. Then you will be able to see the code to join this event under #limitless-signup.

Prizing is based on attendance. 100% of the entries go into the prize pool for store credit to Full Grip Games for the top 8 finishers! If we have 64+ players, 1st place will receive at least $100.

If you purchase an entry for this event, please post in the #registration channel in the Full Grip Discord. All information on registering, how to join this event on Limitless, and an FAQ can be found there ---> https://discord.gg/3XhJWGE

Tournament Structure

Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1