Organized by Hegster Top Deck Tournaments
Standard format

Hegster x hypergraph.

Standard format (TEU-VIV)

This tournament will be held in real-time and will consist of BO3 swiss + Top Cut BO3. You must register before 9:00 AM EDT. This includes paying entry on Hyperluxe

This is the first Hegster Regional sponsored by Hyperluxe

  • Points gained from this event will be triple normal events
  • Upon registration, you agree with the following

    1. ALL FIELDS required by Limitless must be filled completely and accurately. if you don't do it you will NOT be paired.

    2. Please register on Hyperluxe before you register here.

    3. TO CONTACT STAFF DURING the tournament use the call a judge button in the middle of your pairing screen. To contact them AFTER or BEFORE the tournament @staff on Discord.

    4. Your DECKLIST may be changed until the end of the day of at 10:00 AM EDT. If you fail to deliver a valid deck list by the deadline, you will be dropped.

    5. Check-in starts 1 hour before the tournament begins! PLEASE check-in, if not you will be automatically dropped from the tournament.

    6. You also must CHECK-IN at the beginning of every match or you will be awarded a loss.

    7. If you have any problems please use the Call a Judge button on Limitless to notify us of the issue.

    8. If you are able to stream PTCGO through Discord we ask that you go into the STREAM CHANNELS during the tournament. If you're asked to share your screen/PTCGO.

    9. Make sure to have paid for the event on Hyperluxe and have proof of payment ready, if you have not payed on Hyperluxe, you will be dropped.

    10. You will abide by the SPIRIT OF THE GAME and understand that we are all here to have a good time.


    1. ENTRY is 10$ paid on Hyperluxe
    2. START at 10:00 AM EDT
    3. REGISTRATION ENDS at 9:00 AM EDT. This includes registering fully on Limitless and Hyperluxe.
    4. Standard Format (TEU - VIV)
    5. Swiss Rounds + Top Cut according to # of players.


    There is a Guaranteed 1k prize pool. Any extra money will also be put into the prize pool!


    You may only use one deck without any variation through the whole tournament. Your deck list must be imported from Pokemon TCG Online in text and published on your Limitless player information. Choosing a wrong deck to play will be sanctioned as a game loss, so please BE CAREFUL. All decklists will be visible at all times on the Limitless platform. if you spot something off please screenshot and report it.


    Best of 3 - 50 minutes for swiss rounds Players will have 5 minutes to check in on their match, inactive opponents will receive a game loss after the timer countdowns to 0.

    Top Cut will be played with the same rules as swiss.

    In case of any technical difficulty during checking in, you have to click "request a judge" so a moderator can intervene, you must do this within the check-in time. Intentional Draws are allowed. Disconnection will be considered as a game loss. The PTCGO "Timer" must be enabled for the match. If players fail to report the outcome of the match on time, they will both receive a game-loss. We will use in-game data and player screenshots to resolve disputes.
    If any PTCGO glitch is used to a players advantage during a game, that player will receive a game-loss. This event is sponsored by Hyperluxe.

    Tournament Structure

    8 players advance to the next phase
    Top 8
    3 Rounds of BO3 Single Elimination
    75 minutes per round
    no round check-in
    Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1