FREE 100$ Event for Women, Non Binary, Transgender Players
Organized by Hyperluxe Gaming
Standard format

lavender town

This event is ONLY for Women, Non Binary, and Transgender Folks


Please join our Discord

Standard Format (TEU-VIV)

Upon Registration You Agree To The Following

you must register and pay (if applicable) for the event on
  • you must fill out all fields on Limitless to be paired
  • be sure to check in before the event and each round -otherwise you may face penalties (such as losses / dq)
  • please stream your games if possible on discord for our casters to commentate
  • if you experience any issues at all please call a judge on Limitless.
  • you must register 30 mins before the start time of the event.
  • Tournament Basics

  • real time Bo1 Swiss + Bo3 Top Cut
  • Swiss rounds and top cut will be based off of attendance
  • the prize pool is guaranteed for each Hyperluxe event
  • your deck list must match the submitted list on Limitless, it must meet all format regulations, and you can only play one deck per event.
  • if you select the wrong deck by accident it is still a game loss.
  • if you see any discrepancies between your opponents list and what they are playing, screenshot it and call a judge
  • Swiss is 25 mins BO1 and players have 5 mins to check into their game (after 5 mins is a gameloss)
  • Top Cut is 50 mins BO3 and players have 5 mins to check in before losing game 1 and 10 mins before forfeiting the match
  • the event schedule is subject to change, please follow along on discord and Limitless
  • IDs are allowed during Swiss.
  • Tournament Structure

    4 players advance to the next phase
    Top 4
    2 Rounds of BO3 Single Elimination
    50 minutes per round
    5 minute round check-in
    Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1