Organized by Alola Series
Sun & Moon Series format

Welcome to the Alola Cup 3! After the success of the two first Alola Cups, there had to be a third one, and for the first time, it's a real-time event. It's still free to enter!
The unique thing about this tournament is that it's not Standard or Expanded: it uses the Alola format.


In the Alola Cup format, you are allowed to use all cards from the seventh generation of Pokémon: that is, all cards from Sun & Moon to Cosmic Eclipse, as well as all SM Promos.
As always, you are allowed to play alternate versions of cards that are in the format (for example a Double Colorless Energy from HGSS or a Switch from Sword & Shield).

To learn about the Alola format and why it's fun, I recommend reading this article!
No idea what to play? The article above has some decklists for you to try! You can also check out the decks that made top 8 in the first Alola Cup, and in the second one.

This tournament uses open decklists.

Important: The first turn rule

Since this tournament uses cards from the Alola era, it also uses the rules from the Alola era: this means that the player going first can play a Supporter, but not attack.
In order to simulate this rule on TCGO, both players have to pass their first turn without taking any action (also known as the "pass pass" rule), then carry on with the game as if it was the first turn. In other words:
Player A Turn 1 : pass (no other action allowed)
Player B Turn 1 : pass (no other action allowed)
Player A Turn 2 : play as turn 1 (no attack, no evolution)
Player B Turn 2 : play as turn 1 (no evolution)
then the game continues as normal.

Note that unfortunately, this impacts cards that have a special effect on the first turn. This includes Lillie, Wimpod BUS, Volcanion UNB, Energy Spinner, and Wait and See Hammer.

If a player breaks this rule by doing any action on the first turn, or using an illegal action (such as evolving a Pokémon) on the second turn, the game will restart (the player who went first still goes first) and this player will get a Prize Penalty. Higher penalties may be given in case of repeated infractions.
(You can call a judge through the match page on this site.)


This tournament will be Swiss rounds + top 8. The number of rounds will depend on the number of players (using the same guidelines as in League Cups). Rounds are 50 min bo3. Top 8 is bo3 with no time limit.
IDs (Intentional Draws) are allowed.

Note that the schedule in the Schedule tab is not definitive and can change depending on the number of rounds.


This tournament is sponsored by ChannelFireball!
The prize pool is a number of Vivid Voltage online packs equal to twice the number of players in the tournament, divided among the top 8. Update : Winner: 31 packs Top 2: 21 packs Top 4: 13 packs Top 8: 7 packs

Tournament Structure

8 players advance to the next phase
Top 8
3 Rounds of BO3 Single Elimination
untimed rounds
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1