MillyBodsGaming Series Season 1 #2
Organized by MillybodsGaming
Standard format

MillyBodsGaming Monthly Open Series Season 1 #2


For details of how to register for this event please join the MillyBodsGaming discord server by clicking the discord logo below. Once you have joined the server for the registration details by looking in the #how-to-register channel. If the MillyBOT is running by typing the command "!register" for registration details to be sent to you in a DM.

Event details

The event will follow standard League Cup structure, best of 1 swiss with a best of 3 top 8 cut. The number of rounds will depend on the number of players. And will follow standard IRL league challenge round counts

  • 4-8 players : 3 rounds
  • 9-12 players : 4 rounds
  • 13-20 players : 5 rounds
  • 21-32 players : 5 rounds
  • 33-64 players : 6 rounds
  • 65-128 players : 7 rounds


Prizing will be determined by the number of entry packs. All entry packs will go into the prize pool with the bring split between the top 8 players. Final prize pool will be announced in the discord channel once registration closes. Should the player count be less than 21 the prizing will be split between the top 4. The prizing will be divided using the following percentages. For full details on prizing see the #prizing channel on the event discord server.

  • 1st place : 40% of the prize packs + MillybodsGaming e-voucher ( e-voucher will added to prize pool once we go over 50 players)
  • 2nd place : 20% of prize packs
  • 3rd/4th places : 20% of the prize packs between them
  • 5-8th places : 20% of the prize packs between them

The e-voucher will added to prize pool once we go over 50 players and will have a default value of £25. Once the player count goes over 100 a further e-voucher of £25 will be added to the winners prize pool. For every 100 players after that a further £25 e-voucher will be awarded to the winner. If the winner does not want the e-voucher each £25 voucher can be traded in for 50 code cards of the latest set.

Tournament Structure

4 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
2 Rounds of BO3 Single Elimination
untimed rounds
15 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1