Chrollo's Season 2 Regional Kickoff Event
Organized by Chrollo's Tournaments
Standard format

Chrollo #10

Send 2 packs of Vivid Voltage to NotSSundee123 on PTCGO.

Format is Team Up to Vivid Voltage

Matches will be 50 minute Best of 3 during Swiss. Following a Day 2 event with 5 rounds Best of 3.Top Cut matches will be Best of 3, 75 minute matches. The match timers MUST be on, if they are not then penalties may (or may not in cases of alleged slow play) be given.

The event will be played in the Standard Format; following Standard Bans

There are ties and Intentional Draws, which may be done at any point during the event as long as both players agree. Any matches that do not finish within the 50 minute time limit will be considered a tie.

Decklists will be Open, and failure to use the same list throughout the event can lead to penalties. Please import your decklists from PTCGO, and must be in English, so as to minimize confusion regarding the language barriers.

Players can report their own score.

Here is an link to the discord:

Tournament Structure

8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1