Lax Station

Hosting weekly webcam, TCG live, and VGC tournaments. You should join our discord to play with others and discuss a variety of topics! Here are our multiple platforms!



Prime Webcam Tournament (Proxies)11
I missed the Flight to LAIC webcam:15
Paradox Rift Webcam9
Lost Kitchen X Lax-Station: Webcam22
Lost Kitchen X Lax-Station: Webcam16
Lax-Station Paldea Evolved Webcam 8
Lax-Station Hartford Webcam Testing15
Lax-Station Impromptu Practice7
Lax-Station New Rotation Webcam #220
Lax-Station Post-Rotation Webcam22
Lax-Station Webcam - Regional Edition19
Inaugural Lax-Station Webcam16
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