Daycare PokéCup

The Daycare PokéCup is a community dedicated to an adapted format for Little Cup (LC) VGC. The server was established on 17th February 2021 by Enje and Cpt Auro with support from various content creators and online VGC communities.

Our target is to be known by the VGC community as a renowned LC VGC community. We hold monthly tournaments, draft leagues, and competitions using our adapted format.

What do we do exactly?

We have helped establish a healthy and welcoming community for Little Cup VGC, which provides a comfortable environment to those who are interested in the DPéC format.

Our team and community assist new members with team building, practice and related content, while we have numerous Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators involved within the community.

After a successful testing phase which concluded with the Early Format Tournament held on 20th March 2021. We found that our community enjoyed playing using our format and we are happy with the result of our testing phase and Early Format Tournament to continue using the current ruleset.

Therefore, we have begun the stage of setting up and hosting monthly tournaments using our DPéC format and will be looking at future events, such as DPéC Draft Leagues. Meaning our community will stay true to being an LC VGC server for the foreseeable future.

Why do we do this?

The reason behind this idea is we wanted another format to play in that is currently not fulfilled by the standard VGC ruleset/series. We made this as a getaway and an icebreaker from the usual VGC scene and add a fun element to player's VGC experience all year round.



DPéC LittleCup VGC Tryouts #210
DPéC LittleCup VGC Tryouts #116