==================== 🌟 Welcome to NPA! 🌟 ====================

Welcome to the twelfth installment of the National Pokemon Association! The National Pokemon Association (NPA) is a team-based tournament where 10 team managers draft their team from a pool of players to compete week to week against one another. Over the course of 9 weeks, they battle, after battling every other team, the top 4 teams make it to the playoffs to determine the best team, and earn the glory of becoming NPA Champions!

Keep a close eye out on the performing up-and-coming players as they develop the metagame alongside the other top VGC competitors, pick up what you can from them as they go on to succeed at all levels of VGC tournaments from Player's Cup to the Pokémon World Championships!

Our organization plans on running pop up tournaments on this platform to facilitate competition and advertise the league overall.



NPA EU Friendly Pop Up30
NPA NA Friendly Pop Up35