Victory Road Events

Hey there! Victory Road Events is a budding offshoot of an equally-budding card store that operates online from the bowels of frozen Maine. There's no Pokemon events/stores for an actual 125 miles from us (not that we're rural - we have big box stores and card shops but the TCG stores are all Magic: the Gathering)

...But we're hoping to change that! :D

ANYWAY - our goal is to give back to the community that's given a ton to us already. We started our journey in July of 2022, so we're fresh faces. Our mission here is to hold exciting events for Expanded and Standard Pokemon TCG, and meeting new people across this awesome community!



Ace Spec Series #3 - Dowsing Machine2 Registrations
Ace Spec Series #4 - Scoop Up Cyclone1 Registration


Ace Spec Series #2 - Scramble Switch14
Ace Spec Series #1 - Life Dew and Master Ball18