Over the course of the pandemic, players have heavily relied on online tournaments to fill the void of sanctioned events. The Players Cup series was an official online only event held by TPCi. But before the Players Cup, we had Rose Tower, The Hatterene Series, Little Cup, UGA, and much more!

The online environment became a proving ground for all VGC events! Many newcomers made it onto the field, and many returning tour favorites came bursting through the seams with plenty of tours! This fostered community growth and expansion. With USPA we hope to do this and more!

USPA hopes to build up local communities within the VGC scenes. Harboring friendly competition, states will build up teams of players to go head-to-head against other state teams! We hope players new and old can come together and enjoy Pokémon!




DoubleDownVGC s1 136
DoubleDownVGC s1 126
DoubleDownVGC s1 115
DoubleDownVGC s1 1012
DoubleDownVGC s1 910
DoubleDownVGC s1 74
DoubleDownVGC s1 66
DoubleDownVGC s1 56
DoubleDownVGC s1 48
DoubleDownVGC s1 317
DoubleDownVGC s1 29
DoubleDownVGC s1 18
Double Down VGC29
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