Desafío LATAM

Tournaments by LatAm, for LatAm

Founded by Javier Valdés and Raúl Ramirez in 2020. Currently run by Vicky Souza and Javier Valdés, designed by Gabriel Carrasco.

Special thanks to former and current members of our staff:
Sebastián Bugueño, Sebastián Parra Fuentes, Kyriale Morant-Cavalcanti, Joshua Desiderio, Melvin Concepción, Gabriel "Odric" Goméz, Sergio "Locke" Scabbiolo.

We're currently working on the 2nd Season of our VGC Challenge League (VCL), a team-based tournament that is estimated to begin by late September 2022, and a Latin America-only major! To stay updated with our current projects, we recommend you join our Discord server and drop us a follow on Twitter.

Previous Tournaments

To see a full list of previously run tournaments, please visit our website by clicking on our banner. To find information about a specific tournament, please click its logo below:



Desafío LAIC 202347
Penguin Fundraiser Cup100