POG Championships

Welcome to the Atlas Collectables POG Championships 2021!

After the incredible success of last year's POG Championships, the Tournament Organizers of the online community have come back together to do it all again!

This tournament is free to play, and has a prize pool of over $2000 thanks to our sponsor Atlas Collectables! Remember to check them out at https://www.atlascollectables.com/ and https://atlaspokemart.com/ where you can pick up all of the newest Pokemon cards, as well as online codes for PTCGO!

The prize pool consists of $2150 USD and will be paid out as follows:

  • 1st - $500 USD
  • 2nd - $250 USD
  • Top 4 - $150 USD
  • Top 8 - $75 USD
  • Top 16 - $50 USD
  • Top 32 - $25 USD

Similarly to last year, there will be 2 pods for Day 1, each running at a different time with the qualifiers from both going through to Day 2. In order to keep things fair, players are only allowed to play in one pod. Feel free to ask questions in the Discord server if need be!

You may register for one of the pods below!



Atlas Collectables POG Championships 2021 Day 2185
Atlas Collectables POG Championships 2021 Pod 2519
Atlas Collectables POG Championships 2021 Pod 1613