VGC Nexus Tours

Ranked Battle Regulation F - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet -

Tournament Info

  1. All games are played with the Regulation F Ruleset
  2. 4-5 Rounds of bo3 Swiss

General Rules

  1. Always show respect to your opponents.
  2. Any team sheet errors will result in a game loss and an immediate fix of the error.
  3. Any player who doesn't make Check-In by Round 1 or players who don't submit their team sheet will be removed from the tournament.
  4. Disconnect rule: if a disconnect occurs, both players must take a photo of the error-code shown in the pop-up message on the Nintendo Switch screen and possibly a video record from the pop-up message to the Poképortal menu showing if you're still online (you can use your smartphone). You'll need to call a judge in the match chat after that and send it to Titannexus or any of the tournament staff through discord.

    Good luck, have fun!



VGC Nexus Tour #239
VGC Nexus Tour #19