Orre Colosseum

Orre Colosseum, based on the tough post-game challenge from Pokémon XD, is the home of Gen 3 Doubles in the spirit of VGC. The most notable rules that differ is that we play at Level 100, because you couldn't level down in gen 3, and we use an exact HP mod that reveals the HP stats of every mon (and thus their HP EVs). That is how it works in XD PvP battles, which is the less common but more spectacular way of playing our format. Other rules and structures like Item Clause, BO3 and one day-tournaments are in effect. Because of 50% double Protects, Explosions everywhere and speedties, we play Top Cut matches as BO5 to diminish the volatility of the format.

If you're like us and you love both VGC and the 3rd generation Pokémon games, you should join our discord and try out Orre Colosseum on our ladder!



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