Storm Circuit

Storm Circuit - Competitive Pokémon VGC Series

The Storm Circuit is a competitive Pokémon VGC (Video Game Championships) series organized by Team PE and Team RdV. This circuit offers both major and minor tournaments for Pokémon trainers looking to prepare major tournaments or just to progress as a VGC competitior.

Tournament format

  • We will use the most recent Regulation rules given by Play!Pokémon.
  • If the next Regulation is announced, and if there isn't any official event left with the current Regulation rules, we will switch to the next Regulation.
  • We are planning to organize tournaments moslty on Showdown, but we can also organize them on official games for the Nintendo Switch.

Major Tournaments

  • PE League: Held every two weeks, the PE League is one of the major tournaments in the Storm Circuit.

  • RdV Tour: Similarly, the RdV Tour is another major tournament in the circuit, also taking place every two weeks.

Winning a major tournament grants 100 points, which is a direct qualification for the invitational tournament called Storm Summit!

Minor Tournaments

The Storm Circuit Series consists of smaller, yet equally competitive, tournaments that run in between the major events. These series offer trainers more opportunities to train, earn points and improve their rankings.

Storm Summit

The ultimate goal of the Storm Circuit is to qualify for the Storm Summit. To earn an invitation to this exclusive event, trainers must accumulate a minimum of 100 points throughout the circuit's duration. The Storm Summit serves as the grand finale, bringing together the most skilled trainers for cashprize and direct invitation to the next Storm Circuit.


Cashprize amount for the top 4 of Storm Summit will be announced later.

In addition to being invited to the Storm Summit, the top four trainers in the circuit, based on their total points earned, will receive additional cash prizes (amount TBD).



PE League IV (Storm Circuit I)1 Registration


PE League III (Storm Circuit I)18
RDV Tour II (Storm Circuit I)11
PE League II (Storm Circuit I)25
Storm Circuit Series #521
Storm Circuit Series #434
Storm Circuit Series #313
Storm Circuit Series #221
RdV Tour I (Storm Circuit I)37
Storm Circuit Series #132
PE League I (Storm Circuit I)30