Frequently Asked Questions

Decklist submission

Question: Do the arts in the submitted decklist have to match the versions in the deck?
Answer: No, they do not matter at all. Even if you for example submit a decklist with both the regular and full art version of Zacian V, your decklist will show both as the regular one.

A decklists that is exported from PTCGO directly will always combine different versions of the same card, so it would be very inconvenient for the players to require otherwise. It would also be much more difficult to get a good look at someone's decklist if they submitted it with a bunch of different versions of the same cards.

During tournaments

Question: Are IDs (Intentional Draws) allowed?
Answer: That question is entirely up to each individual tournament organizer. Some tournaments use the 3 points per win, 1 point per tie scoring system, in which case IDs are usually allowed. Other tournaments like the Limitless Online Series Weeklies don't award points for ties, in which case an Intentional Draw would make no sense. You can see whether a tournament awards points for ties in the Tournament Structure section of a tournament's Details page.

last updated: January 21, 2021