Accounts FAQ

I created an account but didn't get a verification code.

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure to check all the different folders in your email inbox. E.g. Gmail would often categorize the email under "Promotions". Also check the spam folder!
  2. Go to this page and resend the confirmation email. Sometimes it can take a minute for an email to arrive, or there could be short temporary downtime of the email system. Be patient and wait a little if needed.
  3. Confirm you used the correct email when creating the account, for example by attempting to create a new account with the same email. In case you used the wrong email, you can contact us to get the account removed.
  4. If all steps fail, try creating an account with a different email address.

I closed the Sign-up page before entering the verification code and can't log in now.

Go to the account confirmation page and enter the code there.

last updated: May 05, 2021